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Torres del Paine

The Amazing Torres del Paine National Park in a full day tour.

The Massif is an impressive group of mountains inside Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia. One of the most beautiful parks in the world, Paine was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO IN 1978.

But, it’s not only Granite peeks that make Paine amazing to explorers, It’s plains are filed with wild species like Guanacos, Ñandues, Flamencos, Armadillos, Foxes, Pumas, and even the mythic Andean Condor, that can measure more than 3 m with it’s wings open. Today it’s easy to see it glide thousand meters high between gigantic granite walls.

The tour starts at 7 am and returns to Puerto Natales around 8 pm

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