grey glacier walk

Ice Hike

An unforgettable experience!

The walk on Grey Glacier is part of the famous «W»  trek circuit at Torres del Paine National Park

It is approximately 5 hours (including the rubber boat transfer, walk onto the island called Nunatak to access the ice the safest way) There are morning or afternoon trips.

After walking on the Nunatak to reach the Glacier, the guide will help you to adjust your equipment correctly. Prepared with an ice axe, crampons and harness, you can start your incomparable Ice Hike adventure walking for around 2.5 hours on Grey Glacier, observing cracks, rivers, lagoons and tunnels as well as the unique Patagonian Dragon.

Come and taste the spirit of the Glacier on this spectacular place.

Check in: Grey Refuge at Torres del Paine National Park

Duration: 5 hrs.

Departures: 8:30 hrs and 14:30 hrs

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