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2 days / Serrano River

If you love adventure, this is your kind of trip!

Paddle on Bernardo O’higgins National Park, a more isolated area of Patagonia. On this trip, we paddle Serrano River on day one, with amazing views along the way.  Ending the day at Mount Balmaceda, home of Serrano Glacier. The next day, we will put our Kayaks on Serrano Lagoon to paddle among the icebergs that float around, and to get closer to the amazing front of the Glacier that hangs from the top of the mountain.

The return to Puerto Natales will be on a boat trip through Ultima esperanza Fjord.


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  1. We did it!

    If you choose Hello Patagonia to do a kayaking Trip, you can be sure, they will do everything to make it special for you.
    If you just wanna rent some gear for self organized hiking trips to the Torres del Paine Park: I don’t know about these rates, but their gear is of highest quality and very reliable and therefore recommended. You can pitch the tent in their office to see if it suits you etc….

    The company is run by a friendly, cheerful and fully dedicated Mexican-Chilean couple, Leslie and Christian, who both speak English fluently. Leslie who gave us all the information in the office, was very attentive and full of stories to fill the descriptions of the trips with life. She was not pushing us to a decision, she was very helpful! At first we only wanted to do a short trip, according to our budget. But then we just changed our minds to the three days, two night adventure-kayaking-trip.
    It is expensive, for sure. But it was worth every dollar.
    When the trip started, it turned out, it was just us and the guide Juan-Luis, who was fluent in English, too. We had our private adventure! Everything went very well, transport, gear, food, the guide were excellent. You are provided with all the kayaking clothes and super-warm sleepingsbags, thermarest mats and very sturdy 4-season-tents. No need to worry about being cold at night.
    When we arrived at camp after the first day of kayaking, we realized, we really got the five star tour. Juan-Luis shood us in the hot shower, while he pitched the tents and prepared a snack.
    While we had beers and crips, he started cooking dinner. We got a perfect meal cooked from scratch! It was simply delicious and we are picky.
    The next day, the most feared thing happened: we flipped over the kayak and went for a little unexpected swim in the 2 degree Celsius cold water. It was totally our fault, so we actually ended up considering it very funny and a worthwhile adventure. Best thing: the wetsuits kept us warm the whole day long. So be assured, that the gear is of impeccable quality.
    This day was exhausting in terms of physical exercise, but the views and the pristine nature was fantastic.
    The healthy and delicious meal for dinner along with some nice red wine helped us recover.
    On the last day we struggled with some little icebergs in the glacier Moreno lake, which was pretty exiting! Juan-Luis is pure joy to watch when climbing obstacles in water! Great technique!
    After that we jumped on a boat, which took us along the river with some incredible panoramic views, Patagonia at its best! The lunch-Barbeque in the Estanzia was very good! The return trip on the boat was relaxing and nice.
    Back in the office, Leslie and Christian were around to greet us, to ask how it was, which gave a nice personal touch.

    We are more than happy that we booked the trip with Hello Patagonia and would recommend it to anyone, who is willing to spend an extra buck and do some physical exercise to get the very best kayaking experience in this area!
    We got everything they promised, glaciers, icebergs, great views, exercise, fantastic meals ( lots of food!) and an outstanding guide. Thanks again!

    Angelika & Stitch

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